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This page presents information concerning new BCM-modules/features, and everything about the Broadcast Manager.

10.04.2011 - Our successful software is adapted to the latest release of Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.0. This step assures that our software will be able to support all new Microsoft technologies and developments, particularly Microsoft WINDOWS 7!


Dear Broadcast Manager customer,
a huge BCM update (BCM 2011 – Rel.4.0a Windows 7 / XP) is available now, featuring a new and futureproof technology base.

What is your benefit?

  • Protection of your investments (older network versions are not supported by Microsoft any longer)
  • Full applicability with Microsoft Windows 7
  • XP SP3 will still be supported
  • As a customer with a maintenance contract you will participate in more user-friendly interfaces which are only running with the new environment and framework. Solutions will be improved, step by step.

What do you need to know about the update?

  • The new release including a detailed manual and installation guide will be available from the 10th of April 2011 on your request.
    Please inform your system administration.
  • The new release can be operated simultaneously with your previous installation (BCM 2004) to give you the chance for a smooth transition and migration.
  • From now on developments and requests will just be available for the new version BCM 2011

Time requirements for installation

  • Installation of the new BCM 2011 program directory on the server (approx. 10 min.)
  • Installation of the new runtimes at each BCM-user (approx. 10-15 min / client) 

Comments to the BCM 2004

  • There will be no development / changes for the Version 2004 up from today any more.
  • Maintenance and bug-fixing for BCM 2004 will be available till 30th of may 2011

So you see there is enough time for updating your Broadcastmanager. As mentioned you can run BCM 2004 and 2011 simultaneously with the same data-base till 30th of may 2011. Afterwards there will be support for the 2011 version only.

If there is any questions left, or if you need any help don´t hesitate to contact our support-team. Please feel free to give any comments or requests to improve the software.

We are looking forward to continue our trustful cooperation!



NABSHOW April 11 – 14, 2011


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