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BROADCAST MANAGER - Capability characteristics

With our software a multi-user client/server-system (Microsoft.Net) is at your disposal, which is tailored exactly to the requirements for film and TV-production planning. The Broadcast Manager supports you to optimize your production planning. You can organize your production considering the available staff and equipment according to utilization and employment cost. Beyond that the system has an intuitive and modern user interface (GUI), standardised technologies and open interfaces (ODBC, Crystal Reports etc.).

The modern, comfortable and user-friendly designed user-interface is an optimal way to support your operations.

The BCM is largely open for versatile configurations and customizable to individual requirements.

· Production planning
The planning and booking of staff,- Cut-, ATM-, EB-, KB,- SNG-, cutting mobile-, OB van-, additional material,- ratecard (etc.) – resources can be controlled and subsumed via a central and comfortable user interface. For the modules post and studio there are separate graphical gantt-planning surfaces, that are distinguished for their clear structure, scalability and intuitive handling.
· Staff planning
The staff planning can be realized optionally through several tools. This follows from a detailed planning dialog over a compact "quick planning" to Multiple-change of particular parameters (date, traveling type etc.) for any number of staff-bookings at the same time (Multi-select). When the GEO-module is activated, you can realize cost-saving staff-bookings of qualified staff in radius from the production location. The Entry of the desired search-radius (in km) is freely scalable. Therefore you can easily avoid expensive approach to the production location.
· Equipment planning / fleet planning
Each equipment can be planned in the purposed categories (for example Cut, ATM, EB, KB, SNG, cutting mobile, OB-van etc.). Here you can create n-1 orders for in the system available services (master data) in every category per production. Like the staff, equipment-bookings are clearly registered to the production. When the GEO-module is activated, you can realize cost-saving equipment bookings of qualified services in radius from the production location. The Entry of the desired search-radius (in km) is freely scalable. Therefore you can easily avoid expensive approach to the production location, for the services.
· Broadcast planning
You can comfortable plan television coverage with the Broadcast Manager, because of the allocation from broadcast/episode to a production.
· Staff administration / qualifications (master data)
In the extensive staff administration you can exactly register besides address data and holidays entitlement, any qualifications (possible assignment types). These are basics for an effective and quick search for staff members/freelancer for the planned production.
· Service administration / qualifications (master data)
On the basis of registered equipment master data in the system, you can create and qualify n-1 services for random equipment. These are basics for an effective and quick search of equipment or services which can offer this equipment.
· Calculation / cost analysis / cost report
With the variable and adjustable cost reports, you can determine the incurred costs for production, broadcast, customer, equipment, staff, planning categories etc. for the selected period in the Broadcast Manager. Of course, the ascertainments are also possible during the planning for a production at any time. You see instantly, how much for example a production will exactly cost or has already cost. The results can be displayed in many pre-defined lists. The results can also be exported to excel.
·Further master data-administrations:
· Staff standards · Equipment standards
· Staff services · Equipment services
· Division · Shifts
· Basic equipment · Tape material
· Equipment types · Storage location
· Production types · Production-classification
· Production-status · Broadcast type
· Event-types · Production location
· Customer · Accounts
· Broadcasts · Text macros
· Clubs (for example national league) · Editors
· Season (for example national league) · Company location (own company)
· Editing suite groups (post-module) · Editing suite (post-module)
Most of the master data administrations can be exported and processed in Excel.
· By click master data registration
In almost all BCM-dialogs, where you can select already registered master data, you find a button on the right beside the choice. With this button you get directly to master data-administration. Thereby master data can be registered and can be made selectable immediately for the current administration without great effort. Master data will be registered there, where they are in daily use.
· Off-time administration
Equipment can be in repair or defect, for example, staff members are not available, because of holidays or training. Therefore a separate off-times - administration exists, where you can block particular equipment or staff for fixed periods. Thus they cannot be considered for bookings. These off-times will be considered and displayed system-wide.
· Integrated ReportWriter Crystal Reports™
We use the for years leading ReportWriter Crystal Reports™, which is practically industry standard. We use this open and diversified tool for all BCM-internal printer forms. This tool brings an enormous number of possibilities. At least every desired form or label can be realized and integrated to the Broadcast Manager.
· Export opportunities
Generally all printer forms will be generated and saved in the space-saving and for any computer system readable Adobe Acrobat™ - Format (pdf). In addition, it is possible to generate documents through the central BCM-CR™-Viewer, like for example call sheets, booking confirmations or service - orders. You have the opportunity to send them via mail to all involved employees or to save them in Microsoft Excel™ or Microsoft Word™ - format.
· Microsoft Outlook™ – integration
In Broadcast Manager there are functions to export data, texts or documents to an Outlook™-Mail. Thereby existing Email-addresses are also transfered to the BCM- master data. The user only has to send the Mail. All you need is a installed Licence of Microsoft Outlook™. Alternatively you have the opportunity to use the OpenSource – MailClient „Thunderbird“.
· User administration/user groups
The Broadcast Manager disposes over a finely tuned user administration. Every user is assigned to at least one user group. So any function can be exactly administrated for every BCM-user. .
· Multiple-Mail & Multiple-SMS function for productions
The Broadcast Manager has an economical SMS-prepaid-module. When your credits are topped up at your provider, you can directly send via SMS, booking confirmations or information of BCM within a production. With the integrated SMS-cost-calculator and the SMS-outgoing journal you can easily check your SMS-costs. These SMS-costs are not part of the Broadcast Manager. Similar opportunities provides the multiple-Mail-function. You can either start this application from a production or from a staff-master data. All registered and selected Email-addresses can be transfered to Microsoft Outlook™.

Note: The SMS-costs are not part of the Broadcast Manager.
· Graphical planning- and information overviews (gantt)
In the Broadcast Manager you will find a huge number of intuitive graphical gantt-overviews. Almost all are interactive and some of them supports Drag & Drop. Here it is fitting to mention the most important one:
· Staff planning for all BCM-modules
· Equipment planning for all BCM-modules
· OB-planning
· POST-planning (additional modules)
· Studio-planning (additional module)
· Holidays planning
· Tabular- and TreeView-overview
In the Broadcast Manager data and result quantities will be clearly displayed in Datagrid- oder TreeView-tabs. Those tables can be sorted according to each column/section per double-click. Almost all can be exported to Microsoft Excel™.  

· Client - expansion modules

BCM SALES - is a perfect BCM addition for the sales section with an intuitive solution to create and administrate offers, order confirmations, invoices and credits. The remarkable feature of this solution is the seamless integration of (master data, for example) with the BCM call sheet and the possibility to compare debited (sales) and actual (call sheet) in real time.


POST – graphical editing suite planning (xgantt-overview), supports drag & drop, definition and selection of any editing suite - configurations and cutter-qualifications, extensive roster-reporting for staff members and editing suites, cost-overview

STUDIO – graphical studio planning (xgantt-overview), different planning views, extensive roster-reporting for staff members and editing suites, cost-overview
SPORT PACKAGE – Special solution with special tabs, call sheet and filter to plan competitions for all types of sport.

TAPE LIBRARY– A large built-in tape-library solution with support of MAZ-carts, label-print (labels + inserts), barcode-support, and protocols for technical approvals (audio + video).

· Server – expansion modules
GEO-database is a database with geodetic data for all german cities and communities, an automatic distance determination (air-line distance) between service or production location and/or freelancer and production location, plus a circum search (freely scalable in km).

· Internet – expansion modules
Weekly overview equipment/fleet – Displays all booked equipment (filter: fleet, equipment, additional equipment), optional link to production call sheet visualisation, BCM planning data live-visualisation in all internet browser within a few seconds.
Weekly overview staff – Displays all booked staff (filter: assignment/activity, staff member), optional link to production call sheet visualisation, BCM planning data live-visualisation in any internet browser within a few seconds.
Production (call sheet) - Displays selected production data (for example: booked staff, equipment, additional equipment), optional link to production call sheet visualisation, BCM planning data live-visualisation in any internet browser within a few seconds.
Timekeeping – Registration of all in BCM contained fix staff members (staff member master data), debit/actual-accounting, extensive evaluation - and visualization-options, allocation of working time to any production of the Broadcast Manager. The selection and operation of timekeeping is possible in any internet browser.
InfoPool – Comfortable solution for a central collecting and depositing of any production linked documents (for example Word™, Excel™, Acrobat PDF™, Outlook™-Mails), which gives the opportunity to make preparation and planning of productions/events more transparent.

BCM2BCM – BCM-Software networking via internet
With the Broadcast Manager module "BCM2BCM" you can simple and save connect the BCM - software directly with your customer or service! You can easily manage the transfer to the Broadcast Manager production planning of your customer. For example, the stab list shall be reported, information or other BCM planning data can be transferred easily by this way. Through the network both business partners always have the same level of information and a time-consuming transmission via phone, fax or mail, media interruption, acquisition effort and sources of error are omitted. The effort to register all information is reduced. The BCM2BCM-Protocol provides a universal technology basis for further enlargements to transfer data, of all kinds, between ONE customer (BCM2BCM-Server) and ANY NUMBER of connected services (BCM2BCM-Clients).

The communication is SSL-encrypted. A direct access for a BCM2BCM-partner on the BCM-data base or into the network of another partner can be precluded. For the transmission of the data a protected virtual WebDav-device is being used. The customer provides a encrypted certificate to the service. Without this certificate it is not possible to participate in a BCM2BCM-communication. It is also possible to give a time-limit for this certificate.



a) BCM2BCM - Client & Server must have the same BCM-basic-release
b) The installed BCM-software on both sides has to be connected to the internet.
c) A WebDav-device with user-administration must be set up on a WebServer. We prefer free OpenSource-software (Apache with WebDav-AddOn) and we support you during the installation.


· Integrated additional modules from other providers

ModulCam – is a product from the THRU-Soft/SAFE AREA company. It is a high-performance software for the visualisation of different requirements specially for the broadcast section. Camera plans, Line concepts, Organigrams or workflows can be easily created with ModulCam and imported to the Broadcast Manager. ModulCam-projects or exported camera plans can be comfortable linked to BCM master data and used for the call sheet-printout.


- Creation of camera- and microphone plans for sport productions
- variable placement of all elements
- Export image files into JPG, BMP and PNG formats
- Preview function
- Import own image files
- Variability in layout, font sizes and colour
- Implementing functions for precast symbols and objects
- freely definable legend
- including SPORT+ (contains seven additional fields (handball, boxing, ice hockey, polo, snooker,
  american football, volleyball, and graphical object library with more than 900 elements)
- including FORMULAR1 (contains 18 Formularl1-racing tracks)
- including BOB/TOBBOGAN (contains 14 bob- and toboggan tracks)
- FreeText-function
- various expansion possibilities through a flexible program structure


· Fields of application
·Staff call sheet    
Equipment call sheet   
·Event planning

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