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  This page presents information concerning new BCM-modules/features, and everything about the Broadcast Manager.  

05.12.2007: BCM2BCM – BCM-software networking via internet

With the Broadcast Manager module "BCM2BCM" you can simple and save connect the BCM - software directly with your customer or service! So you, can easily manage the transfer to the Broadcast Manager production planning of your customer. For example, the stab list shall be reported, information or other BCM planning data can be transferred easily by this way.

Through this network both business partners always have the same level of information and a time-consuming transmission via phone, fax or mail, media interruption, acquisition effort and sources of error are omitted. The effort to register all information is reduced. The BCM2BCM-Protocol provides a universal technology basis for further enlargements to transfer data, of any kind, between ONE customer (BCM2BCM-Server) and ANY NUMBER of connected services (BCM2BCM-Clients).

The communication is SSL-encrypted. A direct access of a BCM2BCM-partner on the BCM-data base or into the network of another partner can be precluded.For the transmission of the data a protected virtual WebDav-device is being used. The customer provides a encrypted certificate to the service. Without this certificate it is not possible to participate in a BCM2BCM-communication. It is also possible to give a time-limit for this certificate.



a) BCM2BCM - Client & Server must have the same BCM-basic-release

b) The installed BCM-software on both sides has to be connected to the internet.

c) A WebDav-device with user-administration must be set up on a WebServer. We prefer free OpenSource-software (Apache with WebDav-AddOn) and we support you during the installation.

You can download the article as Adobe Acrobat™ - document here: Downloads. (sf)

18.09.2007 Broadcast Manager Shops launching. Now you can order the BCM-articles, which were originally intended for our sales section. Production, invoicing, customer service and delivery to the customer are handled entirely by the IDCOM GmbH & Co KG, Max-Eyth-Str. 1 in 89231 Neu-Ulm. The prices are purely basic prices. (sf)
13.09.2007 The BCM Rel. 1.26q provides a central production-related Info-Pool-management. It is a comfortable solution for a central collecting of any production linked documents (for example Word™, Excel™, Acrobat PDF™, Outlook™-Mails), which gives the opportunity to make preparation and planning of productions/events more transparent. (sf)
09.08.2007 From now on you will find on our website links to zu recognised and efficient aid organisations like Worldvision, which help the poor to help themselves. They contribute to improve the living conditions for numbers of people in developing countries. Here we would like to make a small contribution and we are happy, if you visit the corresponding pages to help. (sf)

02.07.2007 With the equipment service HD Signs GmbH from munich we could acquire a new customer for the Broadcast Manager. The company is a subsidiary of WIGE MEDIA AG from munich. (sf)


01.07.2007 In the Medien Bulletin (Ausgabe 07/2007) trade journal of MM-Musik-Media-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG KÖLN an article about Broadcast Manager is published in the "Tech Tools" category. An extract from the article you will find in the references. For further details please download the full article in the Downloads. (sf)


28.05.2007 New production-planning monitor available in BCM Version 1.25h! This Tool makes joint work on a production becomes more transparent. In a special mode you are able to list all productions with the corresponding call sheet manager. (sf)

04.05.2007 Now, the GEO-database-module provides a more comfortable search- and selection option for master data in Version 1.25h. (sf)

01.05.2007 In 3rd quarter 2007 a cost-saving BCM Lite-Version (1-User- Licence) will be released. The Broadcast Manager LITE - Edition is a perfect solution for smaller film- and TV-production companies with only one call sheet manager working place. In addition to the attractive price this solution, of course, also provides the BCM-basic_package. The scope of use is for the LITE-Edition (number of workplaces) not extendable. But, you have the opportunity to upgrade your version to a higher edition (BASIC, SMART or FULL) or to purchase additional modules, at any time. (sf)

15.02.2007: To provide a more efficient support for our customers with a support contract, we have decided to use the professional remote maintenance software Netviewer. With Netviewer one2one two persons can easily view on both computer screen via internet and give remote control rights for an interactive work. This tool makes our in- and external support faster and more efficient. Short-term training measures or sales activities becomes can be time and cost-saving held and become more effective. (sf)

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